Who really invented stealth technology?

Decades after the U.S. Air Force unveiled one if its first stealth combat planes, the B-2 bomber, lawyers are still arguing over the origins and legal ownership of the technology that allows pilots to fly virtually undetected by enemy radar.

Attorney general ready to defend surveillance at tech industry gathering

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is traveling to the heart of the U.S. technology industry to make her pitch that tech companies should help the government access their customers’ data for national security investigations.

How to build a time machine

Every now and again, we all indulge in dreams about traveling in time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to return to that specific point in the past to change a bad decision or relive an experience — those halcyon days of childhood, that night you won an Oscar — or to zip ahead to see how things turn out in the far future.

5 cool technology leaps about to change aviation

Given the terrifyingly airline seat patents filed in recent years, the future of flying often looks bleak.