Content Marketing Services, Internet advertising, near you, Cape Town, South Africa

Content Marketing Services, Internet advertising, near you, Cape Town, South Africa

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing can be defined as words or images that allows a company or and individual to connect directly with prospective clients, by providing something that is informative, valuable, entertaining and interesting but, above all, meaningful to user. Through content marketing one aims to develop lasting trusting relationships with people by creating informed users.

Content can take on the form of a video, an email newsletter, a blog posts, a press release or even a direct email campaign piece; they all play an important role in a creating that all important customer touch point.

Why Content Marketing?

Modern consumers are increasingly shutting off the traditional world of marketing. We all own a DVR these days, often ignore magazine advertising and are very adept at online “surfing”, as a result traditional advertising and marketing is far less effective than it once was.

The simple fact is that today more and more people want to engage directly with the brands they trust and use every day. To do so people need to be knowledgeable an informed to be able to make educated choices on what products or service they use.

As a smart marketer you will instinctively understand that traditional marketing is a way of the past, and that there has to be a better way.

What we do

Creating and distributing, relevant and informative content is at the heart of what we do. If you’re interested in marketing your business online and starring meaning full conversations with your target audience then Content marketing is for you.

At OnDigital we can produce quality editorial content for every almost every digital medium – websites, blogs, email newsletters, campaign landing pages and more. We firmly believe that content cannot stand alone by itself; it all needs to from part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy, which also includes search engine optimisation, social media and web analytics.

Call it your very own publishing schedule if you like.

Transforming you into a digital content publisher we will ensure that we will create and deliver high quality and valuable information that makes your customers more knowledgeable and informed. And as a result, they will ultimately reward your business with their support and loyalty.

Why Work with us?

Unlike many other Web Design and SEO agencies our roots as a company lies in the publishing and news industries. We started understating the concept of editorial schedules and the value of content way before and main stream online marketing agency even conceived of its value.

At OnDigital we understand what is required to start a conversation between our clients and their customers. We have been working with our clients over many years to develop a digital content strategy that will engage the target market and ultimately drive profitable consumer actions.


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