Mobile Website Design, Internet advertising, near you, Cape Town, South Africa

Mobile Website Design, Internet advertising, near you, Cape Town, South Africa

Reach more customers with a mobile website

Without a doubt Mobile web usage is increasing at an exponential rate, and more and more customers are going mobile. The question is, are you taking your brand mobile?

We design and deliver Mobile Websites that focuses on your Users

More and more users expect their mobile experience to be as good as their desktop experience.

When creating mobile websites we take great pleasure designing mobi sites that are not only functional but has that WOW factor built in.

We know a one size fits all approach does not work, we like to take the time to get to know your business needs and your industry first before designing any mobi site or app.

All our Mobile websites have their own mobile content management system, which comes with an easy to use content editor allowing you to manage all your content yourself.

  • Expert Designs – we create attractive and professionally designed, feature rich mobile website that represents that truly benefit you and your customers
  • Full Service – Leave all the design and development to us
  • Affordable – no hidden costs or service fees we charge you a once of set up and design fee, simple as that!
  • Touch – Add in clickable phone numbers, so prospects can call you with one touch
  • SEO – Optimise your mobile site for SEO

Why should you go mobile?

There are many reasons why you should go mobile, increased visibility and reach, the fact that Google has a separate index for mobile websites and many more.

How is this for a fact? A staggering 2/3 of local searches are performed on a mobile phone. The simple fact is that toady mobile phone users expect the sites they visit to be mobile friendly.

  • Enhanced Branding – a mobile website is a great way to take increase exposure and sales
  • Competitive Advantage – Mobile usage is exploding and if you are not prepared yet, it’s time to prepare
  • Improved User Experience – Mobile sites positively impact customer attitudes towards your company and brand
  • Increased Levels of Enquiry – with a mobile website you’ll be less likely to lose customers due to frustration.
  • 24/7 Visibility & User Access

Understand, scope, create

We consistently design and develop mobile sites that deliver on your business objectives whilst adhering to the

While it is true that most websites load just fine on today’s modern smart-phones, it is not a given.

When we design your websitewe take into consideration things like device capabilities (for optimal user experience); we also address issues that may affect the overall quality of an application on a mobile device. In short when creating mobile websites we adhere to the W3C recommendation of mobile web best practices.

As standard you can expect the following functions:

  • Click to call
  • Thumb friendly design
  • Click to map
  • App like designs
  • Responsive designs


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