Small business email marketing, Internet advertising, near you, Cape Town, South Africa

#Small business email marketing, Internet advertising, near you, Cape Town, South Africa

Is Email Marketing Dead ?

“Who wants to be sold to? What we respond to is personalised thoughtful relevant communication that is targeted to our personal interests.”

Email marketing is cost effective and email is trusted by the millennials and the rest of us. It’s easy to implement and it’s forgiving.

We can learn how to get better conversion (more opens and clicks) by using analysing the metrics and changing up the content for the following email campaigns to win over our valued email list. It’s easy to grow your email list too by using your marketing channels including social media, content marketing etc and if that’s not working fast enough look at influencer marketing.

The bottom line is that Email Marketing is still just as relevant as it has ever been the only difference is how you deliver it.

Email marketing tools for small business

As the Internet has evolved everything that has remained has only done so because it kept up, and so has email, the latest generations of Mobile friendly, Responsive Email marketing Campaigns are a far cry from the Spammy text mailers we received in the 90’s and early 2000’s
Do you have an email marketing plan

Nowadays your email campaign is packed full of additional tools, like Social Media referrals, Analytics to track your progress and even direct ordering.

So no more 2-3 step to Enquiry, Nowadays we can deliver to any device anywhere and allow your client to access you directly.

OnDigital Email Marketing Services have been delivering game changing results since 2007, we have the experience and the resource to get the job done well.


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