In-page VS Local SEO

Where should you be throwing your wallet. And I mean throw your wallet. That is what most people are doing, the influx, of fly-by night, SEO crooks, the muggers of the internet, is on the increase!

Always make sure that you are not being ripped of by having your site audited independently!

If you are uncertain or suspicious ask us now!

In-page SEO will if done properly, and providing your website is correctly set-up delivers regular and quantifiable results.

However, unless you have fallen prey to the second tier internet muggers. The ‘Unqualified’ website developer, beware of this Shark, it is slippery and vicious when cornered, you can generally spot this fraud, because nothing is ever his fault, it always a sub contractor, developer, graphic developer, or any number of principally viable excuses.

Again if you are in anyway unsure if your website has or has not been set up professionally ask us now!

But to give yourself an acid test as to Local or In-Page SEO, ask yourself, what are my potential clients going to be asking google?

For instance, if you owned the premier Tattoo Studio in Canal Walk, Cape Town, South Africa

If you had focused on Local SEO you would capitalize on Google searches containing these words :

Tattoo, canal walk, cape town, south africa

But if you had focused on In-page, you would mostly only catch phrases like :

Premier tattoo

And quite possibly loose out on all the location based searches.

Me personally if I’m looking  for something on the Internet, it would look like

Tattoo cape town

And if I lived near Canal Walk, or had heard a friend recommend a studio in Canal Walk

Tattoo canal walk cape town

Try it with your business, type into Google what you think your clients are searching for from their perspective.

Each discipline has its place and is effective when professionally executed, so it is ultimately up to you to decide how you believe your business is or isn’t being found.

Happy Searching!

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